"My practice co-opts the language of flowers as a proxy for my own infertility as I re-imagine the traditional still life for the 21st Century. My work focuses on the unnaturalness of pictorial imagery produced under patriarchy, and explores how historical botanical documentation was made by women as a ‘socially acceptable’ outlet for their scientific and artistic education. 


For The County Flower Project, I invoke the current political climate, questioning how the franchise is upheld, executed, governed, policed and reassessed. My mirroring investigation into the assignation of flowers to each county consequently encompasses concepts of the ‘native’ and the ‘incomer’, of notions of belonging, of the transplant, and of cultural and material endangerment to reflect the hot takes of the fast-moving news cycle. 


I nurture the material of the work from seed to stem to bloom, to produce uncanny projections of life squashed, renewing emotional health through the journey of growth. The repetitive physical labour is a counterpoint to the final solemn documentary stage, where technology creates a perfect specimen without a human hand."

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