"Making an archive of disappeared objects that evoke stories from the past is like trying to hold on to clouds, and the longer it takes, the mistier the memories become. In trying to harness these stories, I am compiling a collection of imagery manifested from memory to create a personal portrait of a lost place, which resonates through universal familiarity. 


Often site-specific, ephemeral and relational, anchored to place and time spent; my work can be affected by changing light and the viewer’s physical presence, in the making and in the seeing. It is to be handled, entered, explored; a lightness of touch, which changes the spaces we inhabit. The archive takes many forms though I am paradoxically reducing the number of lasting objects I create, choosing instead to re-use existing materials or to make time-based installations in which the ‘work’ is embodied in its making. The truth of the depictions is faithful only to the memory of the present and only in the moment they are made. The work, too, is fleeting."

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