"The work I produced is a coming together of a number of eclectic thoughts, ideas, events and physical components. The components are both items that already exist in some form, which when reinterpreted are combined and incorporated with ones I specifically make. Likewise the use of material is also unbounded ranging from a mix of wood, plastic, metal, resin, glass, which is fashioned using a variety of methods/processes , kiln formed glass, wood inlay, laminate plastics, enamelling, laser cutting. 


My work draws heavily on family and place as motivation. These themes always function as subject in some part of my process, continually providing a physical resource and archive that served as a catalyst for all that I am


The work is a physical manifestation that acts as a metaphor as to how we as individuals build identity and form relationship from seemingly random disparate elements. The process of object making allows me the opportunity to engage in a period of introspection and self- reflection. This process allows me to revisit, re-evaluate, re- live and at times reinvent past, present, future events and memories, so as to create an organised a new rational narrative from one’s own fragmented memory. "

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