"The colour blue is a thread that travels throughout most of my work.  Fuelled in part by a childhood spent mostly in the company of my paternal Grandmother while we watched the sea and the sky, deciphering the weather to look for the safe return of my fisherman Grandfather.  Unwittingly I was quietly seeded with what would become my favourite colour.  Those early years whiling away time play a large part in my work, enthralled and captivated by the nostalgia of my childhood I hone in on the small details.  My interests lie in the subtle, the sublime, the imperceptible, taking pleasure in methodically recording these using digital and print media, as well as the written and spoken word.


More recently I have rediscovered my love of the sky and with my camera as a constant companion I search out the minutiae, the trifling details that escape our attention.  For me the sky represents a metaphor for life, it is both constant and transient.  To reconnect with the timelessness of my childhood I extend an invitation to join me, to momentarily step away from our busy lives, to slow down and give ourselves over to the subtleties of the moment. "

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